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ATTENDANCE Those on this mailing list with mission experience or expertise who can contribute to the conferences please inform me as soon as possible which conferences you propose to attend. That will enable us to submit the names to the coordinators of particular conferences. See accompanying email.

We congratulate Dr. Robert Reese, KIST board member, for his new position beginning in a few months teaching missions at a Bible college in the US. Unfortunately, this move has meant that he has had to give up his position on the AVM board.

I am very glad to welcome Jay Gary onto the executive board to take his place. Jay, of Regent's University, has a lot of experience in movements for change in Christian ministry, and has been an active member of the advisory board. We look forward to his input in this new role.

Jay's Website.

1/ 'Letting the genie out of the bottle' - that's Bible translation, according to the executive director of Wycliffe, UK, Eddie Arthur. This is because once a people have the Bible in their language, it becomes very hard for an outsider to 'control' their churches. Rather, as Jesus in his incarnation, the missionary who translates the Bible is taking on vulnerability to win hearts, and not compel belief. See:

The Eddie Arthur article.

2/ The Great Delusion here referred to, is that of thinking that English can assist African people to develop their societies and economies. This article by Jim Harries advocates vulnerability, theology and use of local languages to have pride of place in interventions into Africa and the 'poor world'.

The Great Delusion article.

3/ Scott Bessenecker (IVP) is doing some fascinating work and thinking under the title of 'New Friars'. In common with AVM, he is advocating an approach to mission rooted in poverty. Have a look at his blog and see what you think!

The Blog.

Note this important link that I sent out last month. Dr. Stan Nussbaum points out that for the healthy future of world mission, vulnerable mission must become common practice .

The Nussbaum article.