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1. Key article by Woodrow Walton. Why did the Nigerian question the value of 'contextualisation' of the Gospel advocated by great missiologists like David Hesselgrave, asks Woodrow? 'Vulnerable? Mission' is the title of this article by Alliance for Vulnerable Mission member and retired Assemblies of God missionary Woodrow Walton (currently living in Oklahoma) that answers this and other important questions. Walton emphasises the important role of the member of a 'culture' in the process of Gospel 'inculturation'.

The Walton comments.

2. The use of local languages is strongly promoted by the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission. Advocating that an individual missionary uses a local language is very different from stipulating the language policy of a Continent. This article, in doing the latter, is simply trying to emphasise the important need for the former! The use of their language empowers people. I believe a missionary should have this at heart when ministering the Gospel.

The language article.

3. Something very practical. How does VM work on the ground? Here is something from my own experience. I wrote it in 2005 regarding a theological teaching programme in Kenya. The difficulties that I anticipated then, are the ones that we are now facing. The same applies to the rewards!

The 2005 article.