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From Colin Briggs, missionary in the Middle East, January 2008:

"I can see now, after 12 years here, that I'm accepted as a Christian worker who does not bring money with him. I was not respected the first years because I was not from Germany, where they get huge chunks of money for the school. Money has surely corrupted the Christians here in (Middle Eastern Country), both protestants and Catholics."

Please take time to read these latest articles on 'Vulnerable Mission':

1/ Fr Fernando Domingues, MCCJ, has written an excellent article entitled 'Poverty and Mission': "The challenge today is no longer that of doing great works in favour of the poor, but the more demanding one of helping the poor to fight their own poverty doing the works they can do with their own hands, in their own time, with their own priorities . and to the extent that is possible, also with the financial resources they can gather. This certainly brings a new dimension to our Gospel poverty in mission."

The Domingues article.

2/ "The paper is exceedingly good and to the point . . . The ideas and examples are splendidly chosen." (comments by reviewer on this article from the Journal of Intercultural Communication.) Current mission practice rests on a misguided understanding of language. Please carefully read this colourful article to find out where people have gone wrong in their understanding as related to inter-cultural communication!

Word Shapes article.

3/ I wrote this article with the secular development fraternity in mind. I sent it to Community Development Journal. It was immediately rejected, with no clear reason given. Yet I think the reason is clear. This article frankly and clearly explains how Western efforts at supposedly promoting 'rural development' are in fact promoting magic! If you think that is a radical claim; read on. (I appreciate that this paper runs against the grain of much Western academia and even diplomacy. Such ignoring of truth often does not work in the long-term interests of people being targeted by strategies originated in the West.)

The rejected article.

Note: that the date for the UK conference at Cliff College has been pushed forward one month, from February 10th 2009 to March 10th 2009.