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1. 'Seen in a Different Light'

A fascinating insightful and well illustrated article that points to some of the difficulties faced by missionaries working in the newly opened fields of Central Asia. Many of the points here made by Gene Daniels seem to be of much wider global relevance.

The Gene Daniels article.

2. African Economics, and its Implications for Mission and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Soon to be published in the Journal of the Association of Christian Economists, this article by Jim Harries outlines peculiarities of economic practices in African communities that easily trip-up Western economic and mission initiatives.

The economic article.


Woodrow E. Walton's article was included in the December Vulnerable Mission newsletter. In that newsletter, I described him as a 'retired missionary'. He has added the following:

"I am not a retired missionary per se though I have ministered overseas in Africa and elsewhere. After fifty-two years in the pastorate, in Christian higher education, overseas ministry, hospital and correctional ministry, discipleship "evangelism" and conference speaker, I should be more tired than retired. I am writing, speaking, teaching, and with an outreach ministry in Woodward, Oklahoma, though I live in Shattuck, OK. I have a published book, a "pastoral" commentary on the five festival scrolls of the Old Testament (Song of Solomon, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Esther) published by Dorrance Pubishing Co. of Pittsburgh, PA There are other materials such as papers presented at national and regional meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, some of them directly related to mission work."

Here is his article again: