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1/ "Is vulnerable mission on the 'radical fringe'?", a question asked by Stan Nussbaum, founder member of the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission. Stan concludes that it is not. Rather, for the world-wide church to be incorporated into Christian mission endeavour, 'vulnerable mission' must move into the mainstream. See:

The Nussbaum article.

2/ Reese, another founding member of AVM provides an article that illustrates what Stan refers to above! The VaPastori provide a model for mission that is extremely effective, and based on 'vulnerable mission'. Yet, the VaPastori may not be truly Christian! Hence we get a case where 'churches' rooted in African spirit beliefs can spread more effectively than those drawing on the Spirit of God. The truth is - that the latter are all too often trying to draw on the 'spirit of modern life and wealth'. See:

The Reese article.

3/ 'Partnership' in mission, has been hailed as the way forward for the 21st Century. The reason for its having been advocated are here shown to be a reluctance for Western missionaries to cooperate, arising from an over-emphasis on use of wealth and Western languages in mission. The problems that 'partnership' in mission sought to solve, are better addressed by following the principles of 'vulnerable mission'.

The Partnership article.