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News for end of January 2003

Dear friends,

As I write I have just returned from an encouraging weekend having been warmly welcomed by the folks of Wantage Baptist church. Thanks to God for them!

Many people are asking me for news of Kenya. The new president has now been in office for one month. I gather that the churches in Kenya recently spoke up to tell the people of Kenya to be patient and not to expect all election promises to be fulfilled within weeks. I guess that is good advice! I have yet to hear news from home.

1/4 through my study sabbatical, I am meeting plenty of challenges. Please pray for the Birmingham university mission being organised by the Christian Union, to begin next week. Give thanks for the intellectual stimulation that I am getting here. Give thanks for some old friends who are now living
scattered around the city, so that I do not have to feel too lost in this strange place! Pray for next Tuesday, when I am to lead a discussion on dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

I hope to be in Andover over the weekend of 2nd February, and then in Alresford over the weekend of the 9th February.