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News for Mid January 2005

"If you are not receiving dreams or visions on a regular basis then you are not yet saved" said the pastor of this chuch that I was visiting. Interpretation of dreams and visions plus driving away of ghosts forms a major focus of this church's worship. Pray for us in Yala Theological Centre as we ineract with a wide variety of churches, and seek to bring a deeper knowledge of God's word to all of them.

The compound on which we are located having been bought up by a foreign concern, resulted in my hearing yesterday that our YTC office will be demolished at any time now. Pray for us to find a suitable alternative location.

It was a privilege to be able to attend a baptismal service yesterday at which about 20 young people were baptised in the Yala river. Of these 20, 3 are children who I stay with here at my home. Many others arise from a crusade recently held at Yala. Give thanks for those new believers and pray for their christian growth.

Three of our YTC teachers left to continue their theological training on the 4th January. The fourth is now in the field assisting in teaching together with myself and our director.

KIST opened on 3rd January and has been all go ever since! Pray for our teaching staff, currently standing at about 15, and give thanks for their dedication.

"Awuon Nyasayeno" (I am baffled by that God) exclaimed one of the widows in the congregation as the pastor announced the ex-communication of another widow who planned to have sexual intercourse with a man in exchange for his building a house for her. The latter is standard practice for Luo widows, many of whom find it hard to understand what could be wrong with borrowing a man to help them to fulfil ritual requirements. Pray for widows in the Luo community and the dilemmas that they face.