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News for Middle of January 2006

Dear Friends,

As I write, teaching has now begun at KIST, Yala Theological Centre and Siaya Theological Centre. All in all, it is encouraging.

We have often visited branches of the Legio Maria church around Yala. This is an indigenous church that broke away from the Roman Catholic Church
some years ago. On visiting them last week, I was invited to have a special class for them at their Gem headquarters on Monday mornings. Pray that this
comes off, and goes well.

One of the courses that I am teaching at KIST is on AICs (African Indigenous Churches). This has us visiting a lot of different indigenous churches in the locality. Give thanks for the contacts and opportunities to witness that this is providing.

It appears from what I am hearing on the 'grapevine' and of rumours of gatherings of villagers in my home area, that Yala is now a pilot for the achievement of MDGs (Millenial Development Goals), as instituted by the UN.I understand that this will bring a lot of free services to us in the village. This was the repeated topic of conversation as we visited our Yala students a week ago. Pray that it be a boost to and not a distraction from the work of the Gospel.

Pray for the orphan projects around. A Compassion programme half a mile from my home has over 200 children on their books. A residential orphan programme in Yala hopes soon to have 40 children. There are many other projects all around us.

For those interested in such things, the Evangelical Review of Theology January 2006 edition contains an article that I wrote commenting on Biblical hermeneutics and pragmatics.

Best wishes,