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News for Mid January 2008

I struggle to know what to write. Kenya is in crisis. It's crisis is very closely related to the culture of its peoples. Yet, it's hard for those in the 'Western countries' to understand those cultures, so what should I say?

I could write very dramatically and have people draw breath. I have seen numerous tyres burning on roads. I have seen a house and business premises totally destroyed and gutted by fire, the only reason being the ethnicity of the businessman who was forced to flee with his family. I hear the news - and we really seem to be in a stew.

Here at KIST, we have electricity and my computer is working. I am grateful for the KIST Principal's wife for feeding me when I am here! The intense food shortage following the immediate election violence has eased. It is hot, but I am finding myself fit enough to cycle back and fore visiting KIST and visiting YTC students. At home all is peaceful, except the kids playing!

The stories and statistics that we hear about Kenya are gross, but haven't quite come home.

Next week should be opening of schools. It is hard to believe that they can open, given high levels of ethnic tension and the way the country is divided between two 'presidents'. What can I say - we'll see. Please pray.