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News for End of February 2008

Talks have broken down. Kenya has apparently been off the hotspot in the international media. It may soon be back on again. But - we don't know what is coming. Tomorrow was announced as a day of peaceful demonstrations. But the BBC announced Thursday. We have been enjoying a few weeks of peace. Will that again be shattered? Now that internationally-guided mediation has failed, will more sweeping steps be taken? Demonstrations? Military action? Foreign intervention? I guess the whole country is waiting - what now?

Give thanks that I was able to present a public lecture last week here at KIST. Also for a good trip to Uganda over the weekend to visit two students who are there on their internship. Classes in Siaya and Yala are running somewhat well. We plan to have a YTC board meeting, including an interview for two new teachers, on 14th March. (I often inform folks of new classes, students and teachers. I don't usually tell of teachers and students who resign and classes that close! Many folks (teachers and students) join us because we have a white man (me) on the ground. They anticipate getting a lot of funds. They struggle and often resign when funds are not forth coming.)

Prayer valued.