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Dear Friends,

My parents arrived here on 1st February. So far their visit has included a long drive from Nairobi, some time in Kisumu, some days enjoying the pleasures of African village life, shopping trips and getting to know KIST. We are looking forward to visiting a gamepark and a tropical rainforest in the next few days.

I guess that a number of people receiving this email news also receive my 'journal'. Please respond to this address if you would like to receive a pdf version of the above as well as a hard copy.

Having an intern from a missionary training college here has given many opportunities to discuss the nature and difficulties involved in the theological education work that I am involved in both in Yala and Siaya. As we have talked, I have come back again and again to confirm the importance of the vulnerable mission principles: that some missionaries ought to use local languages and resources in their ministries. Give thanks for the progress we have made in making this message more widely known.

What has struck me as being difficult today, is the fact that to join in African churches, it can be as if one has to accept that White people are gods. Again and again and again Whites are the ones meeting people's needs through numerous projects. Then people 'believe' that God will keep on sending the Whites, and keep on making them so generous. 'Faith' seems to mean - not doing your own planning, because Westerners will make sure things work on your behalf.

Best wishes,