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Live-streaming of conference! You can watch and PARTICIPATE IN the Vulnerable Mission Conference to be held in Texas 7th to 10th March 2012 LIVE from your sitting room for a fee of just $10! See attached for programme! Click here for more information on the conference and on how to benefit from the live-streaming.

Places still available to attend the conferences. UK conference in Derbyshire 20th to 21st March; Details of UK conference.

'Aha' said the man. He was thinking deeply; reflecting on past experience. He had led a project. It had appeared to have been a massive success at the time. Hundreds of people were directly involved; it had wide publicity; but then it had crashed. I had shared with him about the importance of having people themselves shoulder the costs of any project done for them from the beginning. That way they would only do something they actually wanted. The key role for a change agent is to persuade them, not to 'do for them'. The outsider could then compare their actions with their words as things progressed. The people would have ownership. The thing could last . . . 'Aha' said the man, 'that makes sense', he added, thoughtfully. It is good to be meeting 'aha' people in the course of my travels and visits.

My next book is now available! Click here to find details of this book, and a review done by Tim Reeves from Norwich: Theory to Practice in Vulnerable Mission. To purchase the book, go here Or contact Veronica.

Having spent time in Andover and at Redcliffe Missionary Training College (Gloucester) and University of Birmingham in the second half of February, my next major destination is the US Vulnerable Mission Conference in Abilene Texas. From there, I am to do some teaching on vulnerable mission at London School of Theology.

I am sorry to have received the news of the death of Lew Goodrick, with whom I taught for many years at Kima International School of Theology. Also of Eunice Aweyo, wife of the late James Aweyo, who originally hosted me in Kenya back in 1993. In Kenya, do pray for the folks there, including for Jeff Baltes, appointed Principal of Kima International School of Theology last month. Some of the changes that I am hearing Jeff having brought into KIST are very encouraging.

With thanks for your prayer and support.


Information about GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON VULNERABLE MISSION Post-colonial mission and development at depth without dependency.

Facebook fans please find out more about vulnerable mission here: Vulnerable Mission.

Please see for details of the vulnerable mission conferences to be held in UK and USA during March of 2012.