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Dear Friends,

In 1997 I visited an indigenous church. There we met a certain widow, whose son liked God’s word. She told him to come to our Bible class. He lived with me for 6 months. He became a theological student at KIST, and our teacher. Later he taught theology in Tanzania for 6 years. Yesterday (Sunday 8th Feb.) I visited him, only to find a ceremony for the opening of a new church near his home, with him as pastor. He is now married with his oldest child in secondary school . . . Give thanks!

At noon, in 1 hour, I am to board a bus to begin the 100 mile journey to Kitale, where a group of missionaries have asked me to teach them Swahili. (See attachement for google-earth location in Kenya) Pray for this week of teaching to go well. Friday night I hope to visit a widow who in bygone years often worked in the KIST library, who since being bereaved has here for details.

Jim's Journal for Feb. 2015 is to be out soon. If you want a copy by email that you don't usually get, please ask Angela Merridale.

The council of reference that looks after my affairs on the field and personal matters including finance, has decided that my regular income this year should be raised by 36%. If you would like to contribute to that, please write to Peter Stagg.

Thanks to all,


VM 2015 Conference