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News for beginning of March 2002

Dear friends,

Acomb Baptist Church in York gave me a very warm welcome. I attended their Saturday morning monthly prayer meeting immediately on my arrival. I came to Acomb while the church was actively engaged in outreach by having a children's holiday club on the Saturday and then a church service on the Sunday at a local school. Walking around my old agricultural college, now specialising in keeping of pets rather than farm animals, I became aware again of just how unchristian the UK can be. I was told that there is very little Christian witness in the college. Pray for believers who work in such 'dry' environments.

Thanks to the folks at Acomb for making me a part of them for four days.

From there I have been back in Andover. I am due to fly for Germany tomorrow on 15.03.02.

One of the exciting progressive Christian ventures here in Andover is Kids Church. They have just finished converting a large warehouse in the town for their meetings. Hundreds of children attend every week. There is a dedicated team of helpers who spend a lot of time with the kids and also their families. They reach out especially to 'un-churched' kids. Please give thanks to God for this work, and pray for the many people involved in it.