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News for end of March 2003

Dear All,

These days we hear much of attacks by Anglo-American forces on Iraq. Many Brits seem to be confused, as to the justification for getting ourselves involved in this distant war at this time.

The identity of the West around the world comes to be more and more one of 'money and weapons'. It is amazing that Western governments are prepared to sacrifice vast amounts of finance and military lives in this way when it sometimes seems that what we have on offer to the world is spiritual meaninglessness. We need to pray that this effort in military exploits be reflected in our nation's spiritual endeavours - to be advocates of peace and proclaimers of God's holiness and grace, and not only of supposed cultural superiority, money, steel and dynamite.

I am glad to have been able to visit my main UK supporting churches during this educational sabbatical. The churches that I have not been able to get to are the Osterholz Scharmbeck and Worpswede churches in Germany. I look forward to going to Germany in two years time!

I have just returned for a second consultation with the doctor at the London Hospital for Tropical Diseases who gave me a thorough medical checkup at the beginning of January. The major culprit for the weakness that I was suffering at times last year has been identified as recurring malaria. I intend therefore to step up my efforts at keeping malaria at bay on my return to Kenya.

Give thanks for some opportunities that I have had while here in Birmingham to work in small ways with Birmingham City Mission.

God willing, I will return to Kenya on 2nd April. There will be a final open meeting for those wanting to know more of the work that I am involved in to be held at Andover Baptist Church at 4.00pm this Sunday (30th March). I may be changing the system by which I correspond on email once I am back in Kenya, which may mean my taking as long as 2 weeks to reply to emails.

Thanks again to all those who have welcomed me back to and hosted me in the UK this time around!