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News for Middle of March 2006

Dear Friends,

Thanks to those in UK who have hosted, welcomed and shared with me in the last 2 weeks. I arrived back in Kima on time and in shape, although worn out from excessive flying.

On reaching home I found that all were well. I have already taught some classes at Kima. Indications are that the teaching in Yala and Siaya has also gone well although I have yet to know details.

Some have queried how I could say in my last news update that Westerners can be causing the corruption here in Kenya?

- I hear often in the UK that the death of an elderly relative can bring division into a family as children fall out over who should inherit what if it is not very well laid out in a will. Similar things can happen when aid reaches (or even is promised for) Africa.

- I was reminded of a time many years ago when I was in the train to Nairobi, and three small boys were playing, laughing and joking outside my window at a station. They put out their hands in a 'begging' posture and indicated that they were hungry. I had a packet of biscuits. I felt guilty at having so much for myself. I threw it to them out of the window. Suddenly the smiles turned into desperate angry looks as the boys fought tooth and nail for the biscuits.

Best wishes,