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All conferences are now complete. I think we can say, that after eight successful international conferences, vulnerable mission has become a part of the missions’ scene. The notion that ‘poor’ people’s own languages and resources are valuable, has gained some momentum. Where to from here, still remains to be seen. Please share your ideas with me! We have planned Alliance for Vulnerable Mission board meetings for March and April.

Olur came to stay with me for a while after loosing his mother half way through his secondary schooling in about 1998. His father died a few years later. He married, and had four children. One died. He worked in Nairobi. At one time his work was praying for people. Then he got a 'regular job'. I have kept in touch over many years now, periodically visiting his home and encouraging Olur, his wife and family. When I left Kenya, he was recovering from a severe attack of tuberculosis. 10 days ago I called, and was told it was the day of his burial. That hurts. He had no father. I wanted to be there for him. I was thousands of miles away. I believe he loved the Lord.

Tomorrow I set out to visit some of the UK churches that have long supported and encouraged me. Pray that I know what to share.

I hope to share something about the outcome of the recent conferences at the end of this UK furlough on 18th April at Andover Baptist church. Welcome.

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