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Dear Friends,

Reading the early chapters of Genesis, I agree; worshipping and following God does not come naturally to man! In our day, when people want to do what comes ‘naturally’ to them, faith in Christ could appear far away if not plain offensive. As in the time Noah was building the ark, people are more inclined to spend their time on passing pleasures, only to be shocked when the flood waters reached their necks and they were finished. Prayer continues to be hard.

I discovered the same when visiting some young people. Amongst the relaxed atmosphere, laughing, joking, chatting, nothing seemed to be further away than the need to hear God’s words. Then, just an hour or two later, one of the young people shared with me a crisis that they are going through. It seemed such that nothing could help them EXCEPT God’s word! God’s words are indeed hidden to those who aren’t looking out, and the message of the cross an offence to those who will not accept the humiliation it requires.

Coming to Nairobi, I discovered a massive new multi-storey building in the Coptic Orthodox church compound. Now ranked amongst the top-five hospitals in the city I am told, a massive medical facility already with 6 floors and more still to be added has been built in the compound since I was last here (I think that was five or six years ago). What struck me was how this massive facility is built on the back of simple faith in Jesus Christ. (Reminded me of Noah and his ark!)

Give thanks for my growing role in being available for consultation to people wanting to initiate or initiating new mission movements, or new strategies for old mission movements. I find myself in discussion with various groups, including some missionaries near here in Kisumu. I am to meet some of this new team of eight Western missionaries April 25th. Pray for me on what to share, and how to share.

I didn’t even hear the motorbike coming behind me. He almost brushed me with the seven foot door he was carrying, laid sideways, on the back of his bike. When he looked forward, the wide load he was carrying was outside of his field of vision. I was thinking to myself how dangerous it is for motorbikes to carry such wide loads on the back of their bikes . . . when he hit a bicycle being pushed on the side of the road. Clang! The man pushing the bicycle was shocked. The motorcyclist wobbled . . . but carried on. I was reminded of just how dangerous our roads are. Prayers for safety on the roads here always appreciated.

Anyone wanting to learn Luyia (language of the neighbouring tribe here in West Kenya ). We have a book posted HERE.