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News for middle of April 2003

Dear All,

Give thanks to God for a good trip back to Kenya. I arrived back home on 4.4.03 to find that all are basically well.

Please pray for our Church of God missionary retreat that is to be held at Mount Kenya from 14th to 18th April 2003. Please pray for God's wisdom as I begin to talk with people at this end regarding my proposed research programme.

It seems to have been good news on the side of Yala Theological Centre. I met our teacher here on my first day back and I gather from him and our director that classes have gone well, we have opened an additional class in Yala itself, and attendance has been good. Pray for me as I am due to pick up much of this teaching load from the beginning of May.

I have learned more of what happened on 4th February when the gang of thieves came here. After failing to get into our houses, one of them succeeded in breaking into grandma's house up the hill. Grandma's watchman tackled the man, wrestled with him and threw him out. The thieves have not been back since. We trust that they have moved on for good, but are adding a few security measures 'just in case'.

Jim Harries