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NEWS middle of April 2004

* Christ is Risen

I was glad to be reminded of Christ’s death and resurrection yesterday, on visiting the folks at the Orthodox church. Much in their favour: they are certainly more forward through their clothing, pictures and frequent prayer meetings and services in identifying themselves with Christ than we Western Protestant Christians tend to be.

* How to improve financial management in a church.

This was the question we addressed in a recent YTC class. I thought the suggestion that was put forward was so helpful, that I just had to make it more widely known!

Church finances should be used so as to purchase one chicken for each church member. Every church member will take his (or her) chicken, and look after it at home. This releases the church treasurer of having to take responsibility for all of the money (and means that church monies cannot be abused!). At any time, should a visitor come for whom a chicken needs to be prepared, one can be re-claimed from one of the church members to be slaughtered and cooked. Similarly, if money is needed, people can bring their chickens to be sold!

The real brilliance of this idea of course is that the chickens that are given out cannot fail to reproduce. Hence if a church has 100 members, and gives out 100 chickens, then if after a year every chicken manages to produce only 10 chicks, the church wealth will have increased 10 fold to 1000 chickens! (Presuming that the original chicken is sold or eaten in the course of the year.)

* Retreat (advance)

13th to 17th April I hope to be enjoying some warm water in the Indian Ocean at Malindi (on the Coast of Kenya, and not in Malawi!) while attending the Church of God Africa-missionaries annual retreat. Give thanks for this opportunity of meeting with colleagues from around the Continent.


I continue to occupy both Principal and Dean’s offices at KIST this month. Give thanks that the time is going well. At Yala I continue to take every opportunity to visit churches and inform them of our theological teaching programme.

- Pray for our KIST Principal – currently in the USA promoting KIST to the American church.
- Pray for the progress of our (YTC) new relationship with a lively and well populated church called Living Waters who have asked us to open a class for them.
- Pray for the possibility of re-opening of a YTC class at Ulumbi village.
- Pray for our plans to have a celebration to mark the 10 year anniversary of YTC on 7th August 2004. I have been asked to look for three guest speakers.
- Pray for my plans to visit some churches in Siaya over the Easter weekend.

Yours truly,