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News for End of April 2006

Amazing facts about amoebas .

The amoebic parasite that lives in one's gut, I discovered, in addition to making me diarrhea a few days ago, also had me detest food! The thought of eating even the sweetest of morcels (cake, fruit, potatoes, chips, chocolate - you name it) that my body at the time really needed, was repulsive! How could the amoeba fool my body to so reject that which it needed the most? (How can people reject God, when they need him the most, I thought to myself? Maybe they also have an amoeba that is working against their self-interest!)

The said amoebiasis, from which I am now fully recovered, prevented my attending all of the Yala seminar. In concluding on the Yala and Siaya seminars on 'marriage and family' I can say that both went well, although attendance was nowhere near my hopes. I have been told repeatedly that this is because people are used to having at least free food at seminars, and often being paid to attend. If you have food to offer, then people will attend your seminar, whatever it is about, I was told. (The implication is that only seminars initiated from outside of the country will attract people, as it is only the followers of Western wisdom that get funding. That doesn't say much for a valuation of African values, knowledge or life. It seems to suggest that many people say 'yes' to the 'West' for the sake of the free food, and not through any heart-felt valuation of what they are doing? ...)

Best wishes,