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News for Middle of April 2006

Dear Friends,

* Please continue to pray for the 'marriage and family' seminars to be held in Yala and Siaya in the next two weeks! I have little idea whether we will get an attendance of 2 or 200. Many are doubtful of our drawing large crowds, as we are not offering any free food.

* The father of one of our ex-YTC teachers who I hadn't seen since November of last year, was shot and killed on Sunday night (2nd April) by police. He had a known history of violent crime, and was apparently again found at the site of an armed robbery in Kisumu. Pray for the family, now thrown into crisis, and especially for the son, our ex-teacher. Pray that if it is God's will he should come back to us. (He left hoping that his father could get him some other education or a good job.)

* One of the lads who used to stay with me recently paid a visit dressed in a long yellow robe clutching a wooden cross and prayer chain. He was on his way to Mombasa (Kenya's coastal city). Jonas told us of his being called by different people and travelling between major East African cities to pray for people with all sorts of problems. He would go somewhere and pray. Then as a result of the person being healed or helped, the family would want him to go to another relative to pray. Thus they would pay for his transport to another city. Sometimes he would visit prisons and prisoners, warders and guards would be helped through his prayer. Sometimes he prays in hospitals.
Sometimes he would be asked to pray for a marriage difficulty, in which case he shared that he would do more counseling than praying. When things get too hot and he faces opposition from those he is praying for, (for example should people accuse him of favouritism in his prayers) he can wear a red gown instead of a yellow one to shock people more. Jonas makes much use of candles.

I asked Jonas how this ministry began. He explained how he found himself dreaming of things, that later came to pass. For example, he would dream of a certain sick person, and then the following day that very person would come to him for prayer. Then his prayer would prove effective. Amongst the methods that he uses for prayer is tako (this is a holuo word). That is, using his mouth to suck bad magic out of someone who has been bewitched, typically by evil eye. He tells me that the cross that he carries has the power of God in it. He has had some leaders of some of the top indigenous church movements in Kenya lay hands on him so as to enhance his powers, he told us. Please pray for Jonas. (False name used, and some details changed.)

Best wishes,