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Dear Friends,

The details of the London conference came very late. It is to be held at 11 Burford road, Stratford in East London at 12.30hrs on 14th April. That is very near Stratford underground station. Speakers are to be Glenn Schwartz, Director of World Mission Associates, and myself. Glenn is very experienced in assisting missions and churches in Africa to overcome dependency. The topic is 'Avoiding Dependency in Mission to Africa.' (Glenn's website.)

There will be a special prayer time at Andover Baptist Church at 5.00pm on Sunday 15th April.

The main conference ('Africa Forum') that I have come to UK to present is to be on the 23rd April in Doncaster.

I am also to be meeting the folks of SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics. The Bible translators.) to present a paper at High Wycombe on Tuesday 24th April. Before that on 20th April I appreciate your prayers as I am to sit the Viva for my PhD. This is for the second time - and if I don't get it this time then apparently that will be it! I think my chances are 50:50! God willing, I am to leave for Kenya on 26th April.

Please pray for my pastoral coordinator John Butt at Andover Baptist Church, who has been unwell of late. John is an enormous support to me and does an excellent job of pastoral-missionary support from Andover.

My time in the USA is finishing well. I have been able to spend some family-time as well as visiting more mission agencies. I hope to write up the total trip in a subsequent Journal. We have formed an American board to oversee the ALLIANCE FOR VULNERABLE MISSION. Things are looking optimistic for regional Conferences to be held in USA in early 2009. More details at the end of the month.

Best wishes,