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Dear Friends,

Have a look here to see how you can better support missionaries.

This article of mine has recently gone to press, and is already attracting a lot of interest: Harries, Jim, 2015, ‘Sin v. Taboo Compatibility in Africa and the West: implications for inter-cultural Mission, Church, and Majority World Development.’ Evangelical Review of Theology, April 2015, Volume 39, No 2. Find it here.

Some encouraging feedback on my latest book is as follows: “I strongly like some of the themes of this little book. I think there are some steps we can take to make it a truly important book. It will take some work together, but it should be truly worthwhile. I will plan to work with you one to one over the next few weeks.” The proposed book is entitled: New Foundations in a post-religions world; a perspective informed from Africa. The feedback comes from a professor of theology in Germany who is now to help me perfect the book for publication.

As I write, we are about to launch into our conferences. The first on 11th April is to be here in York where I am currently located, at Acomb Baptist Church. The second, 14th to 16th April is our longest event, and is to be at the Redcliffe Missionary Training College in Gloucester. On Saturday 18th April we hope to be at Queens Road Baptist Church in Coventry. On 22nd and 23rd April we hope to be at the Church Missionary Society, i.e. Anglican mission headquarters for two days. Once these conferences are done then, God willing, I will be leaving for Poland and then for Germany on 27th April 2015. SPACES REMAIN AT THE CONFERENCES. Information.

My times in Alresford at New Farm Chapel and Wantage Baptist Church in Wantage have been excellent. The same applies to my time at Acomb Baptist Church in York.


VM 2015 Conference