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Dear Friends,

Register now for the UK conference to get your discount!

Our UK conference, to be held at All Nations Christian college near Ware in Herts, is to be from 31st May to 2nd June. The conference is entitled: Vulnerable Mission: what it is, and why we need it. Register before May to get a discount rate. (I am anticipating that cars will be going from Norwich, York, Andover, Wantage, Winchester, so please let me know if you will be looking for a lift.)

“Thanks for making your articles available on the net. They are helping me greatly” a colleague from elsewhere in Africa wrote to me in an email recently. Yesterday I got another email from a colleague in Asia, saying much the same thing! It is a privilege to be able to so assist and encourage a growing number of missionaries and potential missionaries in Africa and beyond. Give thanks!

Pray for my plans to make various visits . . . Wednesday and Thursday to Siaya. Friday to Kisumu. Saturday to Kakamega and Kitale. Sunday to Wednesday, Eldoret. They are pastoral visits, then next Tuesday I am to speak at the youth conference for my home denomination, in the town of Eldoret.

25th April I am to begin my furlough trip, that is to be as follows:

· 26th April to 7th May, Tanzania.

· 8th May to 14th June, UK.

· 14th June to 27th June, Germany.

Invitation to Lebanon

I am thankful to be one among the 40 who have been personally invited to a working conference in Lebanon in October. The main agenda is to build relationships and share ideas that will help the gospel spread "further, faster, and deeper" in "patron-client cultures," that is, societies built on a complex web of patron-client relationships instead of on the individualistic employer-employee relationships we are used to. The meeting is being convened by the same group that held an "honor-shame" conference at Wheaton last summer. Pray that this be a valuable time. See description here. (Ask me for a copy of the provisional-draft of the paper I hope to present.)

See here for copies of papers published following our recent conference in November, in the USA. This is another excellent resource, that we now have up on the web.

Best wishes to all, see you soon in the UK, and see you at the conference,