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Dear Friends,

to africa in love

My latest novel is now out! This is a romance, that at the same time teaches about mission, about how to relate cross culturally, and about how not to do things in Africa. It also tells, indirectly, in fictional form, a bit about the life and ministry of Jim Harries. (One has to use fiction in order to tell truths that are otherwise too sensitive.) Order your copy here for just £8.99.

Here are a few more pictures that illustrate life in Ethiopia, from my recent trip:

four ethiopian fotos

I am now looking forward to making a trip to Zambia in July of this year! (For those who might be wondering why I am suddenly making all these trips, it is being necessitated by my visa situation in Kenya. I am having to leave Kenya every 3 months. I hope this will be the last trip so necessitated!) My hope is to visit and spend time at a Bible college that is teaching pastors using the Kaonde language, that I learned between 1988 to 1991. Alternatively, I hope to be able to spend time in Kaonde community, perhaps revising my language skills, hoping I may get back to sufficient fluency to share the Scriptures using Kaonde!

three days.jpg

My book, Three Days in the Life of an African Christian Village, has come back into print. It has a new cover. To order your copy of this fictional account, that endeavours to show what African village life is ‘actually’ like, go here. Here’s the review of it from Amazon: “This book bursts like a breath of fresh air into the reader's mind. What it promises, it gives - a fascinating insight into life in an African village as seen and interpreted by a Christian man. We are privileged to be given a penetrating glimpse of life for this man over just three days - three days packed with work, domestic life and family problems, and church services, including funerals (ever-present in Africa). I commend this book to anyone teaching or studying missiology, but also to anyone interested in mission work.” (Price $5.60)

Please pray for Samuel, a friend who is to visit me at home at the end of this week, for us to do ministry together.

Best wishes,