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Mid-month News April 2020

Starting 10.00 am this morning (10th April), we had a dramatic rendition, accompanied by beating drums, of John’s Gospel chapters 18 and 19. Fifteen of us attended, including all my children, house-mother, house-help, and myself. Give thanks that we can continue to meet together around God’s word as a household. We gather every evening, and have been doing ‘specials’ on Sundays!

I am self-isolating as much as possible. At the same-time I am continuing some ministry in the Coptic hospital. Living should-to-shoulder with 12 African children makes a bit of a mockery of social-distancing when children run all over and play with whoever they meet.

Perceiving a massive lack of understanding by global-powers of what is happening in Africa has had me occupy myself with trying to inform strategists and policy makers. To this end, I am producing materials and putting them out on the web – many of these materials can be found at the top of the listings here.

I am very much in prayer for all of you in the UK, and beyond. These are amazing times, that are opening new doors to witnessing to the Gospel.

With best wishes,


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