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News for end of May 2003

Just two weeks to go now before I set off for the USA to attend the COG Annual Convention. Prayer valued for this trip, and time also to be spent visiting some relatives in the US. I am especially glad that I will be able to attend the installation of my friend and ex-Principal here at KIST, Steve Rennick. His official ordination into his new church in Indianapolis as senior pastor will be on Sunday 15th June, two days after my planned arrival date!

Pray for safety and security here in Kenya. The British government has apparently advised holiday makers to leave Kenya, and has cancelled all BA flights to Nairobi for the immediate future. Please pray that flights be resumed, so that I will be able to make my connections to the USA!

Meanwhile classes at Yala Theological Centre and also at KIST have continued to be encouraging. Pray for our administration at KIST as we are running up to the busiest time of the year. Pray for us at Yala as we seek to recruit a new teacher / facilitator. Also for our Yala Director who is to carry the total teaching load for the three weeks that I will be away.

Give thanks that the rains have come, and have now been more than sufficient for this years crop. Pray for the wife to George. He was a student at Yala Theological Centre, and died the 13th of last month: the day on which he should have been ordained into the Episcopal church. His wife has been very sickly ever since.

I have been having some problems with the on/off button on my computer. If you have received this they have probably been resolved!