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News for middle of May 2003

Dear All,

I reported on a lady called "Emma" a little while ago, who was under great duress as her husband became a Muslim and wanted to force his whole family to do the same.

I have just met the same lady. Her prayer as she came to my house indicates that her Christian walk is as strong as ever. I asked her about her husband, and she thanked me for my prayers and said that he left Islam some time ago. It remains to pray that he become a Christian. Emma is very happy, a very
active Christian and grateful for the many prayers that were offered up for her.

It appears that many people left the Mosque that started here some time ago. I have not heard any stories of those who left having been threatened or killed - presumably because the Muslim population had not reached a critical mass. I gather that the man who gave land to the Muslims for building has
since also gone back to his original (Nomiya) church, so the Muslims have lost their newly-built Mosque. They have built another Mosque in a very prominent place in Yala itself, where they apparently remain.

Our newly opened YTC classes had an attendance of 6, 3, 4, 6, & 1. Pray for us as we go ahead with teaching again this week. Pray for a young man who we hope may be a future YTC teacher. Please pray also for my prospective USA trip - that should be from 11th June to 2nd July.

Best wishes