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Dear Friends,

It is great to be back in Kenya. It is also frustrating. It is frustrating because I am seeing and experiencing again, that which 'the West' is determined to say does not exist. While in USA / UK / Germany - I was at times under pressure to 'deny' what I have seen in Africa. The West, it seems, does not want to know. "If you say x, y, z then you are wrong . (I am wrong)!" It doesn't matter if it is true!

On a similar vein, recently the media has given a lot of attention to the peculiar traits of Zuma, new president to South Africa. Reading media reports, it can appear as if he is an 'aberration'. 'Why isn't he like us in England', the media seems to ask, forgetting that just because he uses English doesn't make him less of a Zulu! There IS a cultural gap to be bridged. Money won't bridge it. Education won't do away with it. It is not language, money or education that can unite the people of the world. It is God who does unite them! Where are the servants of God willing to seek to bridge the gap for the sake of mankind?

The 'myth' that money and projects bring about 'development' is being undermined. Christians be ready, because if we don't make known the ancient alternative (the Gospel), secular lemmings may be unable to abandon their destructive task . In other words, the most important message the West has for the Third world - is the Gospel - lived and not only talked about. If 'secular' bodies don't realise this, are we in trouble!

Kima is up and running. Yala / Siaya - we are in the process of opening. So far so good! It's been very dry, but now we've just had a couple of good nights of rain. I have a bit of a battle with the secondary school where I have four children. They say I haven't paid their fees, even though I paid way back last year .