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Dear friends,

Pray for rising tensions, already, in the anticipation of a referendum in Kenya for or against a new constitution for the country. A new constitution has been sought after for decades. One was proposed and then rejected, with considerable violence, in 2005. This referendum, to be held in August, is making people nervous especially following the events of post-election violence in 2007/8. The church seems generally to be against the new constitution, as it appears to boost Muslim Kadhi courts, and to reduce freedom of worship and evangelism.

Please pray for board meetings of Siaya and Yala Theological centres, to be held on 14th and 19th June, in turn.

A prayer by a pastor at a funeral on Wednesday 19th of this month was; that the fire of Jesus should destroy anyone who is averse in any way to the family of the grand-father being buried. While I cringed on hearing the curse in that prayer, I am not aware of anyone in the crowd condemning it. A preacher at a church told us that 'it is not being saved that takes you to heaven, but it is your good works'. When I hear this kind of thing, I wish more folks would attend our theological classes! . Please pray for them, and for us .

Pray for us in the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission to be able to make wise decisions regarding future ministry and promotional options.

Jim Harries