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Dear Friends,

Teaching the Scriptures is sometimes an extremely frustrating exercise. What have ancient books written many years ago go to do with life today after all? It is much easier to get excited about the latest computer technology, a proposed trip, or the latest book hot off the press. Yet the power of God's word is amazing.

I have begun teaching Job in Yala. Yesterday we went through the book of Job with students. It was amazing to see them be amazed and incredulous at every turn of the plot, and then to realise that Job was not only to be read 'in bits', but had an overall theme, message and story-line that is indeed very challenging to our African context. Those moments, when the light seems to go on in people when they read arguably the most influential book the world has ever known, make it all worthwhile.

My trip to the Africa International University went well. It was a time of meeting people, doing research and getting to know a little more about the university which I have visited on and off over many years. I may go back again in the middle of June to do some further research as I will anyway be in Nairobi meeting Don Olden from Andover in UK, who is to visit me for a few days.

As I write, I am preparing to go to Kisumu, where we will today formally be ordaining the bishop of Zion Harvest Mission; my home church here in Kenya.

Best wishes,