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Dear Friends,

On 17th May I should be heading for Nairobi to be a 'visiting scholar' at one of the top post-graduate theological universities on the whole continent of Africa! Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology was set up by the Association of Evangelicals in Africa to be their leading continent-wide Anglophone post-graduate school for theology. In evangelical circles, it is 'the' place for the continent. I have visited NEGST (now also known as African International University) many times before, but only ever informally and at most for a day or two. This visit (for over a week) promises to include an occasional lunch with some faculty, attendance at formal classes going on in areas of interest, hopefully a lot of one-to-one discussions, and library research. (The two schools I am to spend the most time with are probably missions, and linguistics.)

We open schools in Yala and Siaya this week. Pray for this - in a sense difficult experience. The difficulty is a kind of 'stalemate'; local people are determined that they will not work with a European unless they are paid to do so. This European is determined to work with local people who he is not paying.

At the end of the month I have been invited to attend the ordinations of two bishops. One is to be the bishop of Zion Harvest Mission (my home church) and he is to be ordained in Kisumu. The other is a Mennonite bishop, also a very good friend of mine and a KIST graduate, who is to be ordained in Mwanza, Tanzania.