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Dear Friends,

Click here for a recently published article of mine entitled Westerners' Involvement in Projects in Africa: Hindrance, Help or Necessity?

A concern for the widening reliance on exorcism as a means for resolving problems has increasingly come to my attention in recent months. A local pastor took this so far, that he had to be locked up during a church service so as not to disrupt it through the continuous detection and removal of demons. That very evening a Kenyan colleague of mine involved in the training of pastors handed me a paper he had written in which he shared that: "I have come to realize that those spirits, the more they are chased away [using loud angry voices], the more determined they are to come to attack" (my translation).

You’re dead . . . you’re crazy . . . I was forced to realize while in the UK, that some of our "excellent preachers" would by some, in this part of Africa, be seen as spiritually dead. I am forced to realize now, back in Kenya, that some of our "excellent preachers" would in the UK be considered to be way over the top! Keeping a foot in both camps may have me do the splits

Give thanks for the opportunities that continue to open up to share with people in local churches. Pray for those I am approaching requesting that they arrange teaching seminars to which we can send teachers from Gem Bible Institute (once Yala Theological Centre). Pray for the contacts I am making with Bible colleges / universities inside and outside of Kenya.

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