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Dear Friends,

Here is the content of an email I received from someone who attended our Korntal consultation (translated from German):

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Jim,

My thoughts are many about the day yesterday . . . and all that was experienced. I have now this morning also about much thought. Many situations of the last 20 years in mission and what the Lord is saying to me different to do in the future . . . Thank-you that you here came, and fruit from God is opening . . . thanks that you yourself so vulnerable make with your life . . . I thank you. I have you and your heart-talk understood,

Shalom in Christ.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Encouraging church leaders and other believers, is the main aim of an international within-Africa trip I have planned for July to August 2015 as follows:

15th to 23rd July, Coptic Orthodox Church, Lubumbashi, DRC (Congo). (I plan to fly there from Nairobi. All other travel on this trip should be by bus or train.)

23rd to 28th July, in Zambia, visiting and encouraging missionaries and old friends.

29th July to 3rd August, Dodoma, Tanzania, with Church of God people.

3rd to 8th August. Babati, Tanzania, with Church of God people.

8th to 13th August, at Mbulu, Tanzania, with Church of God people.

13th to 18th August, at Singida, Tanzania, with Church of God Fellowship people.

18th to 24th August, at Mwanza in Tanzania, with Mennonite people.

24th to 26th August, at Musoma in Tanzania, with Coptic Orthodox Church.

26th to 31st August, around Migori in Kenya, with Zion Harvest Church.

31st August – back home to Yala in Kenya.


14th May we had a very relaxed session on vulnerable mission in the home of Frank Paul in Germany that went very well. Hence I tried the same style for a men’s gathering in Norwich on 18th May, that also went well! I have been at Norwich Central Baptist Church since 15th May, visiting and sharing plus preaching and keeping up on internet work. Give thanks! From 26th May to 4th June I should be mostly with family. The Sunday I am to be in Andover. From 4th to 17th June I am to be at Andover Baptist Church. The highlight of my time there: 13th June, 6.00pm, birthday celebration and farewell do at Andover Baptist Church (address: SP10 3JH). Welcome!


For information on my latest book see: here.