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Dear Friends,

Give thanks for the events so far ‘on the continent’. I had a very good visit with Helen Stainsby in Poland. She continues to work hard with believers there in Szczecin in Poland. Her ministry continues to be ‘being there’ for people on the street, sharing the Gospel with drug addicts, and so on.

After visiting Helen, I gave a presentation about my work the same evening to one of my supporting churches in Germany, near Bremen. Thank-fully, as the days go by, I think my German is gradually improving. After spending almost a week with supporting churches and family, I moved from north to central Germany, at a Bible college in the town of Marburg with my mother and cousin Adriana Eyl. On 6th May I gave two presentations to students, using a mixture of English and German at their request. Both presentations to groups of 20 plus seemed to go very well.

8th to 9th May we had our main German conference. The attendance was about 20 people. Christine Guehne introduced our conference by giving a background to ‘vulnerable mission’. Frank Paul then told us about Mennonite mission work on a ‘vulnerable’ basis in Argentina. The following morning, after a devotion and some group discussions, I talked a little about the language/culture complex in Christian ministry in Luoland in Kenya. see here.

The mission-leaders’ consultation in Stuttgart, with 23 plus people expected, is to be on Monday 11th May. Thursday afternoon Frank Paul and myself are to give a workshop related to vulnerable mission to some of the visitors to a large annual gathering of this community here at Reichelsheim. From Friday 15th May, God willing, I will go back to UK with mum. She’ll go home to Andover, as I head to Norwich to spend 9 days or so with the Norwich Central Baptist Church.

See here for details of my new book entitled ‘Secularism and Africa’:

Here’s another reminder, that my birthday-do, come ‘farewell’ do as I return to Kenya, is to be on 13th June 2015 at 6.00pm at Andover Baptist Church. Please let me know if you are planning to come.

News from home in Kenya is that we have been getting an exceptionally high amount of rain, and at home that a number of my kids have been down with malaria. A good friend of mine was unfortunately buried yesterday. Otherwise, all seems to be well.