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Dear Friends,

Another article of mine has just come to press. The title is: How to Avoid Negative Donor-Impact in Development and Mission to Africa. You can download your copy here..

I value your prayers also especially for a vulnerable mission gathering to be held in Minnesota in the USA in early June. This is a gathering called by some of my American colleagues, at which they will discussing how to find the way forward for VM in the USA, in my absence.

African Heartbeat – note that the cheapest way to get a kindle version of African Heartbeat (Jim’s latest exciting novel!), is to order it from Germany! Go to, and you’ll pay just £3.56, whereas in it is £4.74 (of course this will vary as the exchange rate changes with the euro).

12th May to 18th May I was at Acomb Baptist Church in York. This is one of the friendliest churches in the world. They have a new pastor, with whom I stayed for a few days, before then moving on to stay with a couple who had provided an early review of my new novel African Heartbeat. It was very good to be able to catch up again with many people, after a three-year absence. I shared a message on forgiveness on the Sunday, and then a few days later was given opportunity to tell members of the church about the urgent need in Africa for the practice of vulnerable mission.

In a recent phone call to Kenya, I was given two primary pieces of information. 1. That they are still having an excessive amount of rain. 2. That malaria continues to be a big problem both in the community, and more specifically amongst my children. Your prayers valued.

27th May at 3.30 pm there will be a time of fellowship and opportunities for people to hear about the work I am doing in Africa, to be held in Andover Baptist Church.

29th May I am to give a lecture at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, in Oxford, at 10.30 am. The proposed title for the lecture is: Race and Mission Intertwined: some challenges from Africa.

31st May to 2nd June, are the dates for our conference, entitled: Vulnerable Mission: what it is and why we need it, to be held at All Nations Christian College in Ware, Herts. (Places still available, details here.)

2nd June till Wednesday 6th June I am to be at Wantage Baptist Church.

6th June to 11th June with New Farm Chapel in Alresford.

14th June, God willing, I travel to Germany for two weeks, after which I return directly to Kenya.