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Dear Friends,


It was an enormous privilege to be the speaker for a conference of German missionaries working in Tanzania over the week ending 5th May. It had taken me 4 days travelling to get there. On route, I visited one of my children, then some other missionary friends in Mwanza in Tanzania. We were in Mtwara, the south-East corner of Tanzania, near Mozambique. From my room to a beautiful beach with water of ideal temperature … was about 2 minutes walking . . . !

I started on the Sunday with a very biblical articulation of why we needed ‘vulnerable mission’ at our church service. Then I had 2.5 hour sessions for four of the following five days, which I can say seemed to go very well indeed. Most of the missionaries, working with CMML, had already served in Tanzania for 20-30 years.

I arrived in UK early morning 8th May. Just in the hope that I can connect with as many people as possible, here’s my planed movements over my 5 weeks in the UK:

Till 11th May, Andover.

12th May,Gomission , to be held in Hertfordshire.

13th to 18th May, Acomb Baptist Church, York.

20th, Norwich Central Baptist Church.

21st to 22nd, Birmingham.

27th to 30th May, Andover Baptist Church.

(29th May, to give a lecture at All Nations Christian College.

2nd June to 6th June, Wantage Baptist Church.

6th June to 11th June, New Farm Chapel, Alresford, Hants. UK.

11th to 13th June, Andover Baptist Church.

My UK phone number: 07494375580