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Mid-month News May 2020

Dear Friends,

I often reflect, that a lot of my training and experience might have been ‘just for a time such as this’! My production of materials looking at required responses to covid-19 in Africa continues apace. My articles are getting looked at 50 times per day. Many of those now drawing attention are the ones that consider responses to covid-19 in Africa.

Also see this blog I wrote, put out by Global Connections in the UK:How to Respond

To look at other materials I have produced on covid-19 go here: Coronavirus Covid 19 in Africa

This was ‘Pastoral/missionary training at its best!’ I thought. My volunteering to accompany my pastor-friend to visit his parishioners emboldened him. Before, afraid that to do so would be contravening government ‘lockdown’ restraints, he didn’t dare. I had been emboldened by advice from my bishop. Key was to visit people, but to stay outside (maintaining distance), to talk to them from outside, wearing a mask! It was a joy to accompany a pastor who was able to re-engage after being estranged from his flock for more than 6 weeks! Please pray for ongoing opportunities to do this kind of visiting, sharing from the Bible, and prayer, among members of local churches with their church leaders.

Give thanks that we are all well at home. Do pray – one of the children I once looked after may come to move in with us with his family temporarily. Rising levels of water in Lake Victoria have forced them to vacate the house they were living in.

Do pray for us in Africa. Social distancing imposed on us is not being complied with. Pray the virus stay away!




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