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News for middle of June 2003

Dear Friends,

Please continue to use my normal address in corresponding with me, as emails are being automatically forwarded to my hotmail account which I am using in the US.

Home News

The unexpected death of the home-worker of our Bishop in Zion Harvest Mission caused a lot of concern due to the circumstances at the time. There was much talk and fingers were pointed. Pray that peace reign in Ulumbi village at this time. I have heard that the burial of the late was peaceful and glorifying to God.

One of the ladies who we have been working with at home in caring for the children has re-married 4 years after the death of her husband. I have been looking after her three daughters for most of that time. Pray for her and her three daughters as this is likely to mean 'all change' for them. We had a special evening of celebration on 10th June at home to wish them goodbye, anticipating that their new father will take them on. I do not yet have any details of what their their future circumstances will be.

The students of Yala Theological Centre have appointed a committee to plan the 'YTC day' of 9th August. This is an annual event that we used to call our 'graduation'. Pray for the arrangements for this as they gradually come together. We expect the Tanzanian pastors with whom I worked closely between
September and December last year to be our guests of honour.

USA News

On the 12th June I have had my longest birthday ever, that I celebrated over three Continents. I started it in Africa, continued it in Europe, and finished it in America, the whole day taking 32 hours! (due to an 8 hour time difference). So I have now reached safely the annual camp-meeting or convention of the Church of God here in Anderson, Indiana. We have a busy programme here, with many events happening, some at which I will be expected to appear as an 'Africa-missionary'. This is certainly a bit of a contrast to Africa. I have not yet seen any pedestrians here in Anderson, whereas in Kenya everyone always seems to be walking the streets. If I keep eating like this, I will be fat enough to waddle instead of walk!

I plan to be here at the Convention until the 19th, then to spend 5 days with an uncle and then five days with an Aunt here in the USA before heading back to Kenya. I will be in the UK for almost all day of 1st July 2003 before heading for Kenya that evening.

Bye for now,