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Dear Friends,

Many varied topics are interesting to students of KIST (Kima International School of Theology). One however seems to fascinate them more than many, that is almost guaranteed to result in students paying attention. This topic deals with the issues that are 'really troubling' the students. This is the topic of - witchcraft.

Students are seeking help in overcoming witchcraft and the negative effects it is having on their churches. In the same breath they are vouching for its imminence and power, and are quick to give numerous examples in which they and others have proved it to be there and witch-doctors to be effective.

In terms of 'acceptable' English language theology today, only Pentecostals seem to come close to addressing or resolving it. The latter being itself integrally entangled with prosperity teaching makes it difficult to know how to use this and implement it, especially for white people who are anyway assumed to have many mystical powers at their disposal.

What is the answer? I suggest it will include some of the following:

   1. Not to be in English, so as not to suffer under the condemning critical eye of well-meaning but ignorant enlightenment based theologians.

   2. A very Biblical base - and this is not difficult as the Bible seems to be attuned through and through with tackling cases of witchcraft.

   3. The way to deal with witchcraft is not to face it, but to replace it.

Cut Support

A window of opportunity arose in Yala for me to cut off the financial support ($50 monthly) that Yala Theological Centre has been receiving for the past 10 years. I had been obliged to provide the support (which I always continued to provide regardless of how it was used) through KIST in order to save YTC from closure in 1996. The money, coming as it was without accountability because I was determined not to use control of it as a means of giving myself veto power over our board, was causing more and more difficult issues and distractions. Opportunity to cut it arose when our clerk resigned, meaning that we had no one who had been promised support beyond July this year. It seems an opportune time to cut it also for various other reasons, including that the Millenium project is currently pouring vast amounts of money in to raise incomes in the Yala area. Pray for us as we must continue without our accustomed monthly financial income beginning in August of this year.

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