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Dear Friends,

It is a bit disconcerting to be hearing that our local clinics, supported by the Millennium Villages Project, have run out of medicines. That is the trouble with subsidised things . they can end abruptly when the subsidy runs out. Medicines being prescribed before the 'running out' for malaria were quinine - somewhat worrying in itself. That is the 'last resort' medicine. If resistance develops to quinine, then I guess we have had it .

Three hand grenades were let off in a large crowd of Christian worshippers in the middle of Nairobi on Sunday 13th June. This is interpreted as a political act, because the crusade was also 'pro-no', that is against the proposed new constitution for Kenya. One of the big issues resulting in some wanting to condemn it is that the constitution legalises the setting up of Muslim Kadhi courts all over the country.

A recent board meeting of Siaya Theological Centre has brought a few changes, including that I am attempting to teach two classes in one day instead of over two days. I want to try out a new bus service, to travel to Siaya in the morning and back in the afternoon instead of cycling. This frees up a day, in which I hope to be involved in pastoral work with my home church.

Please pray for a health issue. I was being troubled by recurrent amoebiasis (and malaria). A Kisumu doctor prescribed a 100 days of prophylaxis. This is working, so it is good not to keep having to treat the above. But, the question is, what happens when the 100 days are over? Will I simply go back to the same, or will the Lord bring ongoing healing?

Best wishes,