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Dear Friends,

Give thanks that I was able to go into Kisumu and process a renewal for my work permit here in Kenya up to June 2014. Thanks to the KIST Principal for having arranged this.

This morning I felt perhaps more like an African villager than ever before; as I walked one of our sheep the 2 miles to our local stock market! When I got there, I was offered 3.50 for it, but I managed to raise the price to 7.00. Give thanks for my great negotiating skills! (The sheep was tied up after I sold it so my buyer was clearly anticipating reselling it on at a higher price.)

My Tanzanian colleagues have told me that two of them are planning to stay with me to do ministry from the end of July for a few weeks. We have already planned for them to assist in closing our schools, visit students, do a lot of door to door visiting and preaching, and to conduct some seminars.

Give thanks for the opportunity to participate in a funeral service last week. The departed lady has left two 10 year old boys (their father died a couple of years ago). It has been a privilege to visit various colleagues, including those in my home church, and students of Siaya Theological Centre, to encourage them in their Christian walk.

Thanks for your prayers for my writing - now up to about 20,000 words in first draft, out of an anticipated 50,000. Thanks to Angela Merridale for doing so much typing for me!

Pray for Don Olden's visit here, 20th to 24th June. (Don is a church elder from Andover, UK.)