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Dear Friends,

Security is an increasing concern in Kenya. Al Sabaab is assumed to be behind a rising rate of attacks on churches. Sunday 2nd July hand grenades were thrown at a couple of churches during their Sunday worship. The risk area is really the other end of the country to where I am. Yet this kind of aggression is deeply troubling to a lot of people. Prayer valued.

Developments in the Bible teaching programme that has started up in Yala are fascinating. The teacher is taking a few weeks off. So, I’ve been asked to stand in to teach a part of the class. IT IS WONDERFUL. Is it what I’ve been dreaming of since 1993 . . . ? It’s not perfect. To me that means - we have an ongoing dependence on English to some extent. But, this is founded and backed by nationals, and they are not expecting any money from me!! We have a small group involved. They are working pastors. They are enthusiastic. The "chairman" of the group is "the boss", so I can teach without also being the "boss". I am also trying to learn from the style in which things are led. A lot slower than my pace used to be. We have a range of ages, so a lot of wisdom. Please give thanks and pray

We still await results from the interviews that were conducted here at St. Phillips theological college in Maseno. I visited KIST last week. They seem to be going on well. Give thanks for a Christian young man from Finland who is in Yala. It’s been great to interact with him a little. I guess I am enjoying his philosophical outlook on life, and on ministry in Africa. He’s joining me for a few church visits.

Please pray for my planned visit to Africa International University and Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology 23rd to 27th July. I already have a few key meetings planned, and another back here just afterwards.