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Dear Friends,

Some of you will know that my brother Tim works in research at Kingston University in the UK. Tim recently heard about an article that I had submitted to a journal, that critiques ways in which research is these days done by people in the West, about conditions in Africa. I am pleased to say, that my brother has agreed that we work on this article together! Please give thanks.

I am amazed in the few weeks that I’ve been back in Kenya since leaving UK, at the variety of churches that I have already been closely involved with! From the ancient Coptic Orthodox church, to very spiritually oriented indigenous churches chasing away demons, churches where people make as much noise as possible with drums, then to time with Mennonite missionary colleagues, with beautiful harmonious singing, coming out of a singular post-Reformation tradition . . . ! It is indeed a privilege . . .

I peered out of my Coptic-room Saturday morning. As often, there were friendly Egyptian faces outside. When I went out to greet them, the Bishop took the opportunity to invite me to come and share with the group of 54 Australians and 12 Canadians we currently have visiting us. Not having anticipated this invitation, I had neither reading glasses nor Bible with me. Lo and behold, once there, with 20 seconds notice, the Bishop asked me to preach. Fortunately, I could borrow an English-language bible and some glasses … Thereafter I was asked to answer questions from people in the group. That gave me a prime opportunity to share about the principles of vulnerable mission.

moto with firewood

This motorcyclist offered to carry firewood free for this girl in Kenya, who wanted to take advantage of the lift. The picture has gone viral.

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