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News for Middle of August 2003

Greetings friends and colleagues,

KIST has now closed, and I am glad to be able to report that the Graduation ceremony went well.

I have since had two weeks of riding around the lanes of Yala with my two Tanzanian colleagues visiting people and churches and holding classes in Biblical and theological topics at various locations. The weather has been good to us so that my colleagues have only had to experience one battering
by rain. Our annual celebration for YTC was held on 9th August and went very well.

The mother of three of the girls who I have been keeping (see previous emails) has returned safe and sound. Being now re-married she has taken the three to her home for now, so we will wait and see what happens next! For the time being at least, they are now not my responsibility.

I have now spent two days sat back here in the Dean's office. It seems a bit like the good old days, although a different Principal to work with now! We are getting lined up for an intake of new students and an exciting programme of varied college activities from Sep. to Nov. this year.

I hope to use some time this month to write my second Chapter for my research with Birmingham University. Prayer valued for wisdom and good insights as I write.

Some may have heard that the 5 year old I have here was quite sick. Her problem has now been diagnosed as having been malaria and pneumonia, and she is now well.