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Ministry does not always go absolutely smoothly (Sunday 22nd August 2010)

Despite a pedal wanting to fall off my bike, I managed to get the the church I was visiting on Sunday in reasonable time by pushing the bicycle up the hills. Unfortunately, I found just three ladies and two children at the church. We shared in a short service, then they told me that the others had gone to meet with many other churches in the area to worship on top of a certain hill. I set off towards the hill.

When I got to the point at which my pedal was to be welded back on, there was a power cut. Instead, I had to buy a new sprocket and crank. But, the bicycle repair man was busy, although he allowed me to use his tools to put the new crank on myself. Some time later . . . as I was cycling to the hill, I met people coming from the worship on the hill who told me everyone had left and so there was no point in my going there. I went to another church, only to find them all coming out of worship as I arrived.

Fortunately, a few miles further on I met up with the pastor of another church, setting out for their afternoon fellowship. Not having worshipped with that church for many years (because of the terrible hill one has to climb to get home from there) I joined them and was able to share in that afternoon fellowship. A little while later I set off for home, only to find that I had a slow puncture. The buses were all full and did not want to carry me with a bicycle, so I had to ride/walk up that terrible hill, and got home soaked with sweat.

As I write, I remain with a week before I leave Kenya on my trip. Pray for final preparations. Pray for KIST as their opening staff meeting is to be on the day that I leave. Pray for my reception at the different places that I am planning to visit. Detail

Best wishes,