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Dear friends,

I am resending this, as the previous version did not include the url for my visiting itinery that starts next week. Apologies.

Anyone in Norwich able to accommodate visitors for the November 14th to 16th vulnerable mission conference to be held at Norwich Central Baptist Church, please write to me at Jim Harries.

Spending a lot of time with Egyptian Christians here at the Coptic Orthodox church compound in Kenya, has given me a heart-felt appreciation for what their country is currently going through. Prayer for them all much appreciated!

Click for a detailed illustrated report of my recent trip to Tanzania. I completed my month-long tour on the 15th August. I found the church in Tanzania in a period of revival. Christian ministers and teachers are criss-crossing Tanzania sharing the good news of Jesus. For a month, I became one of them doing the same.

I am spending a lot of time since returning from Tanzania ‘holed up’ catching up on office work. This includes working on plans for my imminent trip to America then Europe. I am to leave Kenya 5th September. For my detailed itinerary. I continue to be amazed at the privileges that I have to speak into the mission issues around the world. It is indeed amazing. Please join me in giving thanks to God.

This is a time when many churches are having their annual conventions. My Tanzanian colleague, who has come to visit me for a few weeks, is sharing at one such. I very briefly attended another yesterday, and plan to attend the one for my home church tomorrow. Here at Coptic, I have been asked to share with a youth convention due to run for three days starting on Monday. We had a very encouraging Bible class today, 26th August.

The Kindle edition of my latest book, Communication in Mission and Development, is now available from Amazon. For details click here


PS See this link for a "the world in two minutes" summary of the Christian message. The author, a good friend and colleague, is looking for inputs: the world in two minutes.