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News for End of September 2005

Dear Friends,

Please contact me for details of the Consultation on 'vulnerable mission' to be held 9th to 10th December 2005 at Andover Baptist Church. I believe that this is a very important event in the interests of improving relationships between Western and African churches.

I have been in Wantage and am now in Alresford. Over the weekend I plan to attend the annual SIM conference at High Leigh conference centre. On 7th October all being well I will have arrived in York, then 13th October in Norwich. In the meantime I will also have begun to attend Birmingham University.

The loan of a bicycle by a member of Andover Baptist Church and my having a car big enough to carry it means that I am able to do local travel with pedal power. This has made me quite green (not with envy) and minimises my use of petrol which now sells at almost £4.50 per gallon! I am grateful for the loan of so much that is helping me get by in this period in the UK.

I am also particularly grateful to the two Andover ladies who are proof-reading my PhD thesis.

Best wishes,