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News for Middle of September 2006

Dear Friends,

Teaching has now restarted at Kima International School of Theology and at Yala and Siaya Theological Centres. So far all is going well. Give thanks for one or two new openings, and pray for those situations where weakness is apparent. Pray for the leadership of YTC currently facing some very challenging issues. Give thanks for the two young men who are now helping us in the teaching at a total of 9 centres in Yala and Siaya together.

My two sheep were stolen on 20th August. They were recovered and the thieves apprehended on 22nd August. We are still working on getting the sheep released from the police station so that we can bring them home. One of the thieves has apparently already been sentenced for 10 years. The other is in remand and awaiting his case to be heard in court. (All this happened without my intervention. All I did was to report the loss of the sheep. I do not intend to prosecute anyone.)

I await any feedback on my proposed USA trip next year. (As per previous email.)

Best wishes,